Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving - and a tipple to try later

I'm heading over to St. Paul's Memorial Church to put on the confit of turkey legs, but before I go, I'd like to wish all you loyal readers (I know you're out there, even if you're too shy to comment online) a very happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for your support. Later in the day, I'll roast the breasts. I'm also cooking a whole turkey without salt.

And although I write mostly about food, sometimes it's nice to have a beer to go with it. One I had recently that is just perfect for wintry days is Point's St. Benedict's Celebration Ale. This is made by Point Brewery in Steven's Point, Wis., not too far from my paternal grandparents had their farm. Back when many American craft breweries were throwing in the towel mid-century, Point soldiered on, brewing quality beer in their little town. And it's still really good.


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving!! I read your blog every day - interesting stuff - someday (when the kids to to college) we'll be able to check out all your restaurant suggestions...

    Peace and Blessings on you and Jim,

    Peter Carey+

  2. Hi, Lori,

    I check up on your blog almost daily, too. I'm blanching green beans and making sherried mushroom sauce tonight, in preparation for traveling to the family's place tomorrow. :-)

    I hope the St. Paul's Thanksgiving Eve dinner went well; I wish we could have been there. I hope you post on your blog how the turkeys went over!