Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A White House seder

This is the first year in many we haven't had a Seder. But the White House did. Here's a photo from it. They used the Maxwell House haggadah (which I almost picked up at the grocery story, but they wanted you to actually BUY some Maxwell House coffee).

A White House spokesperson said that on Passover during last year's primary campaign, Obama along with some Jewish and non-Jewish staffers held an impromptu Seder in Harrisburg, Pa., and everyone who attended that Seder was invited to this year's White House edition.

In addition to the first family, the guest list includes close friend and top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, Obama friend Eric Whitaker, White House associate counsel Susan Sher (who does liaison work with the Jewish community) and her family, White House videographer Arun Chaudary and Obama personal aide Reggie Love. Also on the list are White House staffers Eric Lesser, Herbie Ziskend, and Lisa Kohnke, and three staffers for the first lady: Melissa Winter, Dana Lewis and Sam Tubman.

The spokesperson said the food was "kosher-style," with the White House kitchen staff preparing the food. Guests brought additional dishes.

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