Friday, August 28, 2009

Fresher is better - especially crab

If you can't buy live crabs, fresh picked (as in out of the crab) in a market that sells live crabs is the next best thing. I know, a lot of you who hate to pick out the crab meat would say it's the best thing, but for me, knowing exactly when my seafood meets its demise is important. I made some crab cakes out of the "Tavern on the Green" cookbook and the recipe made more of them than advertised. So I froze the rest, and cooked them up for lunch when we got back from the river cabin. Really, really good... but they still didn't compare to the first night. For the most part, the flavorings came through splendidly, but the crab just wasn't as special.

The sauce, however, took the dish almost all the way home. Avocado tartar sauce! What a superb idea.

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