Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slow food for Labor Day

Labor Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the end of summer proper with friends and family. But if you're wondering how to make the food special this year, here's a hint: Take it slow.
As in slow food.

Slow Food USA is offering a petition at its site for people to sign. And it's organizing about 300 demonstrations across the United States on Labor Day to talk about serving real food in schools rather than the mostly processed items dished up each school day to about 30 million kids, 1 in 5 who are classified as obese.

"It will be a picnic, a potluck and a virtual march on Washington," said Josh Viertel (above), president of Slow Food USA in a statement. "It will be a day when American shares food it believes in and demands real food for our children."

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