Monday, April 5, 2010

Airplane food

My recent trip to Chicago got me thinking about what all people now take on board to eat while in flight. I've often thought that a five-hour fast might not be a bad thing, but when I think of the delicious smells that others will bring with them, I know I better have a plan before my olfactory nerves send my stomach into overdrive.

For breakfast, I can usually get by with a Clif Bar and coffee. And I usually bring some nuts to munch on.

For when the flight turns out to be longer than expected (flight changes, delays) or unusually stressful, I usually pack some emergency chocolate.

Lunches can be a simple as a container of crackers, a can of deviled ham spread and some cheese. The flavored tuna (spicy Thai is nice if you like chilies) that comes in a pop-top can is good and doesn't have the overpowering smell of regular canned tuna.

If I have a ripe avocado at home, I pack that in a drink cup, plus a hot sauce packet or a lemon juice packet, salt and pepper, and a plastic knife and spoon. Cut it in half vertically, put the sauce in the indentation where the seed was, season with salt and pepper. Don't try this in San Diego unless you have a U.S. grocery receipt for the avocado; it will be confiscated.

Whole apples travel well, and clementines and satsumas are easier to peel than navel oranges. Baby carrot packs are good, too. I'm not a big raw celery fan, but a little peanut butter and a baggie of celery sticks can make a nutritious lunch if you're not seated next to someone with a severe peanut allergy. A little hummus and a some pita triangles are good, too.
Beef jerky is fine if you like beef. And cheese sticks are easy to pack. If you like hard boiled eggs, shell them first, and pack with a little salt and pepper (I like to add chili powder). Eat within two hours.

Be sure to pack a small hand sanitizer for cleanup, and a couple of paper towels.


  1. Great ideas, Lori! I have to be careful with packing food because a blood sugar drop for me equals a total meltdown resulting in a complete inability to function. I've been known to stop by Bodo's on my way out of town and grab a bagel for lunch and an extra one w/either cream cheese on the side or egg & cheese to take with me. I also like to bring pretzels, trail mix w/o peanuts, and any kind of granola bar I can lay my hands on. I am going to remember your post for more ideas, especially the ones involving fruits & veggies.

  2. There is some great local tofu -- very firm with peanuts in it -- that makes a great sandwich and you don't have to do anything on the plane but eat.... I wish I remember the company name. They also have a spicy Thai flavor that is too spicy for me.
    Our son carries it at his store, so I could check on the brand.

  3. I'm with you and think it's so much safer and healthier to pack your own food!