Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carrot cake heaven

Because of the difficulties in slicing the baked cake
into thirds, this one came out with five layers.
What could possibly be more delicious than a well-made carrot cake? Try layering the frosting on six thin cakes. Ms. Multitasker, a food blogger from Singapore, got out her "Boulevard: The Cookbook" and went after it (although she, like the cookbook, neglected to give any hint on how to slice the halved 9-by-13-inch  cake into thirds, although she was honest about the effort it took - I think when I try this, I will use the dental floss trick and let you know how it comes out).

If you can't wait until I publish my efforts, read her story by clicking here. I have the cookbook in hand: The recipe is on pages 208-211. It includes not only the cake with frosting, but carrot sherbet, candied walnut ice cream, cream cheese ice cream, walnut caramel and a garnish of candied carrots.

The best advice from Ms. Multitasker? Grate the carrots the night before and let your arms rest up for the main event.

Another idea I'd like to try: Make this recipe into cupcakes, fill with the caramel and the cream cheese frosting, more frosting on top and serve with the sherbet and ice cream. Any suggestions on which I should try first?

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