Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

If you haven't already done so, VOTE TODAY! It's important.

I was going to offer some recipes for election night snacks, but the time has passed and I'm sure you have settled on your favorites. Here is a funny menu for the night -- from a recent Washington Post chat on their food section's story on election night food (to read the Post's package, click here) -- from a reader in Berkeley, CA:

Lipstick on a pig sandwiches - ham with cranberry chutney. Elitist sandwiches - goat cheese and arugula. Amnesty dip - guacamole. Bill O'Reilly's falafels with rogue nation pita bread. Tim Russert Memorial Buffalo Wings. Pork barrels - bacon wrapped dates. Green Party - veggies and dip. Real Virginia Peanuts. October Surprise - Jamie Oliver's butternut squash cupcakes. Cookies in the shape of various swing states. Yes We Candy.