Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vineyards and Virginia

Yesterday afternoon, the trees adorned in breathtaking shades of crimson, rust, gold and evergreen, Betsy and I headed toward the ever-earlier setting sun, past the homes and rolling estates of Jefferson and Monroe, to the Kluge Estate Winery and Mrs. Kluge's farm store. With a glass of their Albemarle rosé for me and cider for Betsy, we enjoyed a plate of artisan cheeses: Bra Tenero from Italy; Brie de Nangis from France; a 4-year-old Netherlands Gouda; a double Gloucester from the UK; a Spanish Roncal; and BMF Stilton, also from Great Britain.

Tasting the cheeses and sharing stories on the porch, looking out into the lovely forest (a mulched trail leads through them to an overlook of the vineyards), cheered the heart of someone who hasn't missed a fall in Napa and Sonoma valleys for more than 20 years. I'll be back, soon!

By the way, the rosé, a dry well-balanced, not-too-light beauty, is on sale for $50 a case.

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  1. And, Lori, thanks for bringing home some of these treats. The cheeses were wonderful and the rose balanced and fruity but not cloying. Who says rose is only for summer? Yummm.