Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DC eats

Well, we ended up a little pressed for time, so we ate at the new Capitol visitors center. For a cafeteria, the food wasn't bad, just a little pricey (almost $20 for two salads and two cups of coffee. Which, considering that two Pellegrinos at the Willard came to $15, isn't THAT bad). One of the salad choices looked pretty good: golden potatoes and red onions on a bed of arugula. It would have tasted better had it been made with Yukon Golds or yellow Finnish potatoes instead of Russets. The romaine was very bright and crisp. And the bacon bits were real and meaty. They had a balsamic vinegar dressing. 

Walking along Pennsylvania Avenue, I noticed a lot less beef on the posted menus than there used to be, and short ribs seemed to be the preferred cut. And almost every restaurant had at least one fish offering. Maybe eating healthier is getting to be the norm ... or is everyone just saving room for dessert?

Photograph: The Willard Intercontnental, Washington, DC

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  1. My friend J. Freedom Du Lac of the Washington Post recommends the following spots near Capitol Hill:

    Hey there! Johnny's Half Shell is pretty good. There's a newish place opened by Oprah's chef, Art Smith, called Art & Soul. Only been once; mixed bag, but the hoecakes are worth investigating. It's an interesting space, too. A little bit further afield is Michel Richard's Central, which is about a block from the Newseum. Very good, very consistent, lovely space.
    Hope you're good!