Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An appetizing app

Every day, it seems something new comes out for the iPhone. Doctors in some hospitals now carry it instead of patients' charts, with instant, secure access to all their records right there on the iPhone. You can play it like an ocarina or a trombone. You can pretend to fly fish, or drink a beer. So it goes, from the serious to the frivolous. In just nine months, the iPhone App Store has provided a billion downloads.

And I just saw this on Kraft food's site:
Based on the popularity of iPhone within Kraft, the company cooked up its own application for the iPhone App Store, called iFood Assistant. The app gives consumers more than 7,000 delicious recipes, a library of instructional cooking videos, full-meal shopping lists, and a store locator — all accessible via iPhone or iPod touch.

With iPhone, Kraft can deliver interactive, consumer-focused content where and when its customers need it. “We're able to make our content come alive on iPhone,” says Ed Kaczmarek, Kraft’s Director of Innovation, New Services. “It provides the best consumer experience available.”

Kraft built iFood Assistant with iPhone SDK and Apple developer tools. Kaczmarek describes the development process as straightforward and quick. Now that the app is available to the public, Kraft expects the downloads, plus potential content partnerships, to introduce new revenue streams.

By making the most of the groundbreaking features and capabilities of iPhone, Kraft shows its commitment to expanding its business through mobility and innovation. “iPhone is ready for business,” says Kaczmarek. “All the tools are there, plus the security we demand. And the added benefit is that we can develop compelling applications.”

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