Saturday, April 25, 2009

A good local Joe

I'm sitting in Shenandoah Joe's right now, having been booted from my condo apartment so the owner can show it to new tenants (I thought he was coming at 1:30). The smell of fresh roasted coffee hangs in the air about as lightly as the curtains, made from the burlap bags the green coffee beans come in, that are used to partially hide the heavy machinery. They have 14 single origin coffees, some great espresso, dark roasts and six decaf options, and a mix of organic in each category. I haven't ever tried their limited availability coffees, but they're out of them today, anyway. I like that the baristas, no matter how rushed they are, never forget to do a little bit of art on the foam. Right now, the barista is discussing coffee philosophy with a very interested young woman, who approves of him putting the ice in the espresso instead of the espresso over the ice.

Photograph © Lori Korleski Richardson

1 comment:

  1. Awesome latte art, I am always a fan. I am working on my own latte art attempts on my home espresso machine, but it is still a process. Great post!