Saturday, June 20, 2009

Point Reyes - wild and wonderful

It's been too long since we last visited Point Reyes National Seashore. The wildness of the place remains unchanged (thank you, Phil Burton, in your special place in heaven), but much else has changed. Ten Inverness Way is still there, but the hot tub shack in the back has been confined to only the guests in the downstairs room. Manka's, which burned to the ground, hasn't been rebuilt, but outlying cottages have expanded, and it's great chef now prepares dinner for the guests only, and they get breakfast brought to their rooms as well. We also found a couple of interesting inns in Point Reyes Station: The Old Schoolhouse, and 40 Knob Hill.

We heard at breakfast about a wonderful dining experience that we will have to try the next time: At Drakes Bay, on Friday and Saturday nights, the little snack shop there hosts a wonderful four-course dinner for $48, prepared by Ben Angulo, a chef from SF's Farallone restaurant. The seatings are at 6 and 8 on Friday, 7:30 on Saturday and reservations are required: (415) 669-1297. Our fellow guests at the Ten said they were "simply blown away at how good the dinner was, and sitting right there at the water, watching the sun go down, was stunning." 

I'd write more, but we have to go pick up picnic supplies at Cowgirl Creamery.

P.S. I went online to see if this had been written up anywhere, and came across some funny stuff on Apparently, some people had written about what a great dinner they had there, but the info and hours on the site was for the snack bar, so a lot of other people made the trek over for lunch and were quite perturbed to have come all that way for "not even good burger and fries."

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