Sunday, June 21, 2009

The problem with cake

Let them eat cake - and at a wedding, nearly everyone does, especially when the bride and groom thoughtfully provide an array for guests, rather than the one, big, spectacular tower. Yet even with the variety we had last night, including an Almond Joy cake (coconut, chocolate and almonds), lemon (with lemon curd filling) and others with decadent buttercream and fondant, I must confess: I don't really like cake. Most cake, to my taste, is dry and it becomes just the vehicle to hold the filling and frosting, which has about as much nutritional value as a Hershey's kiss. The one exception is carrot cake, which not only is moist, but has a vegetable in it. But even that cake is loaded with fat and sugar, and probably tilts into the unhealthy category.

Still, with all the dancing that rings in the new bride and groom, maybe cake is just the fuel to keep the company going through the night. It certainly reminds us that we all need a little sweetness in our lives.

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