Thursday, July 2, 2009

American food

I always smile inside when someone mentions "American cuisine." I can't even imagine what that would be, or whether I'd want to eat it 365 days a year.

As a starting point, let's run down the results of a 2007 James Beard Foundation Taste America survey in which 90.8 percent of the respondents said there was an American cuisine.

If there is an American cuisine, how would you define it? Top five answers from the Beard Foundation survey:
1. Region or regional
2. Culture
3. Comfort
4. Melting pot
5. Native

And the iconic American foods, in order of popularity?
1. Hamburgers and cheeseburgers
2. Barbecue
3. Fried chicken
4. Mac 'n' cheese
5. Apple pie


  1. I'll have some of each, thanks...Happy Fourth!

  2. Great! Have a happy Independence Day, everyone. We're on our way back to Charlottesville after two weeks in CA.