Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blue crabs and lima beans

I had my first taste of live blue crabs this week, and they were spectacular. More work than the dungeness, which is bigger with a less-sweet taste and drier texture: Whereas a dungeness crab can feed one or two people, it took three blue crabs apiece to get our fill. Our guide Cyane suggested a dip of Worcestershire and vinegar, but it wasn't really needed, although it was tasty.

The lima beans came from the City Market the next day. I have seldom seen limas in the shell, and despite my lifelong aversion to them from the frozen mixed vegetables bag, I bought a pound, which was just enough for three (or two lima bean lovers). I shelled them, put them in boiling water, brought them back up to a boil for a couple of minutes, then turned off the heat as I prepared the rest of lunch. They were very tender, and the texture somewhat improved over the frozen, but still... I'd rather have favas.

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