Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture worth... not much

Americans must not expect truth in advertising. How else can one explain how food that looks so good in TV and magazine ads looks so bad when you unwrap it?

In the Guardian today, an interesting food feature:
The buccaneering spirit of the internet is never more evident than on sites and blogs where ordinary, blameless consumers take the manufacturers of dodgy, sub-standard or just plain rubbish products to task. In the world of food, this often means pointing out the subtle differences between the advertised images of products and the actual reality, hence the theme of our gallery this week.

Germany and the USA are the settings for most of the well-directed ire represented, but there are plenty of examples right here in the UK too just waiting to be exposed. So the next time you're served a particularly nasty-looking burger or buy something from a shop which doesn't live up to the picture on the package, take a pic and add it to our Flickr group, or just email it straight over. We'll compile the results to form a British rogues gallery in a few weeks' time.

To see the slideshow, click here. The photo is of a McDonald's sausage burrito.

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