Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A distant memory

I'm sure everyone's used up their turkey leftovers by now. And those of you who didn't use all of it for sandwiches and salads probably found out a disagreeable truth: Plain reheated turkey doesn't smell very good, or taste very good either. It's somewhat acceptable when it's done with stuffing and gravy, but it's much better repurposed, with plenty of spices.

And when I say spices, I don't necessarily mean hot spices, although turkey marries particularly well with chilies.

Hot dishes that put a quantity of cooked turkey to good use include curries, enchiladas, mole (mo-lay, the dark version made with chocolate, cinnamon and chilies) and white chili.

So if you froze some of that leftover turkey, haul it out at your leisure, but don't just reheat it, improve it!

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