Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More a question than a post today

What is it about flying that makes one crave chocolate, caramel and nuts? Here I am trying to eat healthfully, having a packed a breakfast and all, but still I'd just rather be munching on a Tolberone (OK, I know it's nougat in there, but the sugar/nut mixture gives it a nice crunch, which makes a great stand-in for gooey caramel). What's up with that?

It's not like I'm getting much exercise sitting here in this pressurized tube hurtling 492 mph through the air. And the ultra-violet (hyphenated, because the purple likely doesn't contain harmful rays) lights gives this Virgin America flight the feeling of being stuck in a crowded bar without enough space around the bar stools to keep from elbowing the other customers.

Just to make this clear, I'm blogging from 34,693 feet, heading to San Francisco. No restaurants this trip, just friends, fun and good food. Ciao!

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