Monday, February 15, 2010

Berkeley Bowl West

From dealing with snow removal, to power outages, to teaching skiing part time this winter, I haven't been cooking nearly enough to blog about it. But going through some old photos, I thought I'd share this one of me shopping at the (then)new Berkeley Bowl West. While I still think the old Berkeley Bowl is perhaps the most fun shopping experience in the world, the new one just looked like food art, so clean and pristine with all the excellent produce displayed in aisles where people could actually turn around. I'm pictured with a fava bean, one of my favorite harbingers of spring in California.
If you're ever in Berkeley, be sure to stop at the old store or the new, even if you're staying in a hotel and have no need to shop. Berkeley Bowl is an icon, crammed full of the most amazing array of fresh produce, a hundred varieties of olive oil and vinegars, an aisle of artisan bread from a half dozen local bakeries, a dozen varieties of fresh wild mushrooms, avocados from XXL to small, artichokes with leaves still tighter than Mike Tyson’s fist. Berkeley Bowl West has all this, too, but the stocking is much less chaotic and there’s room to move down the aisles without playing shopping-cart chicken.

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