Wednesday, February 17, 2010

McD's turns other chic in Europe

I might consider going to McDonald's again if their Eurostyle jumps the pond. The photo shows the remodel, top, and the original, below. Which would you rather eat at? The story also noted the local foods that McDonald's provides on its menus abroad. For the full Forbes story, click here.


  1. I ate at the Moscow McDonald's in 1989, when it was still in the U.S.S.R. That restaurant was the ideal model of capitalist efficiency, freshness, cleanliness and customer service. I suspect the Russian customers would have been surprised to see how different McDonald's was in the United States. Still, it was better than 99.9 percent of Russian restaurants. And it was fun to watch the patrons look at the Big Macs with bewilderment and disassemble them (sandwiches in Russia are mostly open-faced).

  2. I, too, ate at the McDonald's in Moscow a couple of years later, May of 1991. It was amazing to me what all McD's had to do to open the place, including establishing farms to grow potatoes that could be made into their kind of french fries.