Sunday, March 6, 2011

Banana nut bread - but what nuts?

The following post is taken off my Facebook page verbatim. If anyone wants Tina May's recipe, I'll ask if I can share it. Who knew how bananas people are about banana bread?

Banana nut bread: Better with pecans or walnuts? Discuss.
Yesterday at 12:45pm ·  ·  · 
    • Lyn Crouch Walnuts. Sharper flavor thus better contrast with bland bananas.
      Yesterday at 12:56pm · 
    • Marjie Lambert I like the sweetness of pecans in tea breads.
      Yesterday at 1:00pm · 
    • Betsey Hawley Monnot I like my banana nut bread toasted. Walnuts taste better toasted than pecans. But maybe that's just me.
      Yesterday at 1:00pm · 
    • Susan Portugall Walnuts! Nice sharp contrast, better texture, and better toasted. I guess I agree with prior comments.
      Yesterday at 1:11pm · 
    • Susan Portugall I plan to make a loaf this weekend...yum!
      Yesterday at 1:12pm · 
    • Mary Wiley Smith Pecans. There is a tartness to bananas that is balanced by the sweetness of the pecans. Plus, I just love pecans.
      Yesterday at 1:25pm · 
    • Peter Haugen Should probably recuse myself, but I vote walnuts.
      Yesterday at 1:36pm · 
    • Lori Korleski Richardson Thank you all for your comments. I went with pecans this time. I couldn't find my mom's recipe, but I remember it had walnuts and was very moist. I made mine with whole wheat and tried to cut back the butter. It was lighter than I thought it would be, but too dry.
      Yesterday at 1:52pm · 
    • Peter Haugen When you cut back on the butter, try adding apple sauce for moisture.
      Yesterday at 1:55pm ·  ·  1 person
    • John H. Ostdick Always the contrarian, I like my banana bread sans nuts
      Yesterday at 1:55pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Lynn Pribus Alternate.
      Yesterday at 1:56pm · 
    • Peter Haugen What?! John, you're nuts! (So do my kids.) ;-)
      Yesterday at 1:57pm · 
    • Darla Morgan My taste says pecans or black walnuts benefit banana bread, but I never turn down nutless banana bread.
      Yesterday at 2:05pm · 
    • Lisa Mondori Pecans, and I would leave out the bananas . . . .
      Yesterday at 2:39pm · 
    • Jonathan Schnyer Walnuts! Pecans are too sweet :)
      Yesterday at 2:45pm · 
    • Ann Bancroft pecans. walnuts too bitter :) (and I'm allergic to 'em, but aside from that, banana pecan is fabulous)
      Yesterday at 2:59pm · 
    • John Griffing Well I'm allergic to nuts and have discovered that banana bread tastes great without nuts!
      Yesterday at 3:04pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Tina May Pecans. Lori, I have a fabulous recipe from Cooking Light from years ago for Jamaican rum/lime/coconut/pecan/banana bread. It has a bit of reduced fat cream cheese in it (says to use whipped, but I use regular) and only two tablespoons of butter (the recipe calls for margarine, but YUCK). The glaze with lime/rum/brown sugar/ coconut and pecans is wonderful. Happy to share it with you, if you would like. It freezes well, too. Great toasted, except the glaze runs off...kinda defeats the purpose.
      23 hours ago · 
    • Lori Korleski Richardson Yes, Tina, please send!
      21 hours ago · 
    • Tina May Sent it to your personal email a little while ago. Lemme know if you got it.
      21 hours ago · 
    • Denni 'Sue' Fike Conner Though I am allergic to them (the ONLY food I am allergic to and got it the last couple of years) is ... black walnuts :-)
      20 hours ago · 
    • Gina Spadafori Walnuts. Pecans are for pie.
      19 hours ago · 
    • June Augusta Gillam Either way sounds mouth watering!
      18 hours ago · 
    • Nancy Jane Dodge pecans unless you can find some butternuts down here...
      17 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Hilary Abramson PECANS!
      15 hours ago · 
    • Conni Musser toast the pecans slightly before baking. Afterward slather with butter
      4 hours ago · 
    • Nancy Jane Dodge ummm...butter....
      2 hours ago · 
    • Cyane Williams PECANS make EVERYTHING better (but I like walnuts too!)
      49 minutes ago · 

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