Friday, August 12, 2011

"Lobster" salad sans lobster

Technically, this blog is on hiatus until I return to Charlottesville in September, but I just had to share this item from

Times-Picayune writer reveals there’s no lobster in Zabar’s ‘lobster salad’

New York Times | Times-Picayune | Bangor Daily News
New Orleans Times-Picayune arts writer Doug MacCash stopped by Zabar’sduring a recent New York vacation and checked out the Lobster Salad ingredients: wild freshwater crayfish, mayonnaise, celery, salt and sugar. “Wild freshwater crayfish? Really? At $16.95 per pound?” he wrote in a Dining blog post. “Zabar’s manager was not available when I phoned for comment.”
The Bangor (Maine) Daily News followed up with a “No Fake Lobsters Allowed” editorial, which reported that the Maine Lobster Council “quickly got on the case” and called Zabar’s president Saul Zabar and told him that federal regulations prohibit deliberate misbranding of food products. The New York Times reports today that Zabar’s has decided to change the name of its “lobster salad” to “seafare salad.” Saul Zabar says:
We really didn’t think that we were doing anything that was not completely up and up, but there was an element that might be confusing, and with all this stuff going on, I decided now’s the time to clarify.
MacCash tells the Times’ James Barron that he laughed when he heard about the name change. “It tickled me to have traveled from New Orleans to New York in order to eat crawfish.”

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  1. At the risk of "outing" a local business, I hear that the "chicken salad" sold at Bodo's is actually made from turkey. I have wondered more than once if they are legally allowed to do that.