Thursday, December 8, 2011

Taco Bell moves even further from Mexican food

If you like Nacho Cheese Doritos, you're going to love what Taco Bell has in store for 2012: A taco called Doritos Locos Taco with a shell made by Frito-Lay with its Nacho Cheese flavoring.

According to Nation's Restaurant News, Taco Bell chief executive Greg Creed told investors and analysts Wednesday that 2011 had been a terrible year for the brand, thanks to a lawsuit attacking the chain’s seasoned beef and a shortage of new products to help drive traffic.

“We didn’t change our beef recipe or pay the plaintiff one penny, but [the suit] had an impact,” Creed said. “It was very clear that we didn’t have enough innovation to overcome what we didn’t anticipate happening.”

Also look for a Chef’s Signature lineup of "upgraded" tacos and the reformulation of marinades and seasonings.


  1. I believe the proper term is "Nasty Cheez Dorito" flavoured shell.