Monday, April 16, 2012

Staunton's loss, Blue Light's gain

Saw this in an email from Ian Boden today:
I know I've been pretty secretive as to what was next for me after closing The Staunton Grocery.  It is very important that I continue the work that I started here in Central Virginia, and in doing so, I wanted to make sure that the place I landed was going to live up to the expectations that I'd set over the past five years.  Well, I pretty sure you won't be disappointed, with what I've been up to.  The beginning of last month I took over as Executive Chef at Blue Light Grill on the downtown mall in Charlottesville, bringing all the great farmers, wonderful products and creativity with me.  I truly look forward to cooking for all of you again, and building on what you helped me accomplish in the years past.

This is GREAT news. Blue Light Grill has a super location, but the menu has always been somewhat less than enticing - and that's coming from someone who adores seafood. Can't wait to go now!