Sunday, January 27, 2013

The dirt on Wild Garden Hummus Dip

Just kidding. There's no dirt in this hummus - and it's REALLY good. It tasted just like what we ate in Israel, only smoother, which is a plus in something you hope will come out in a thin stream on a carrot stick, a cucumber chip or a cracker when you're up in the air or riding a train.

I can't remember where I picked this up; it probably came in a snack pack on some airline, and I probably wasn't all that hungry at the time. And it looked like it would keep well without refrigeration, which it did.

I was so impressed, I went online to see where I could get it. Unfortunately, it's not in any Charlottesville stores yet, but they do have online ordering as well as a store locator. The website is The 50-gram packages are just the right size for a snack, 63 calories, and have twice as much protein as fat or carbs.

Here's a segment on the product that was featured last October by Supermarket Guru:

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