Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bittman's move a big loss for the Gray Lady

Mark Bittman is leaving The New York Times to join a food startup that will "make it easier for people to eat more plants." He's been with the paper of record since 2011, serving as food columnist. As he says on his blog: “Oh,” say my friends, “you move to California and join a start-up.” Yup. Corny as can be.

Bittman has done a wonderful job of getting people into the kitchen again, by demystifying the process it takes to put food on the table instead of putting it on a pedestal that only great chefs can aspire to top. He shares the secrets of those high culinary priests, not on slick shows that take an unseen staff to prepare and produce, but in clear language and simple steps that busy cooks can easily follow.

His new venture sounds delightful, but he will be missed by those of us who follow the Times. Here's his last column for the New York Times.

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