Friday, January 30, 2009

A sweeter option

Worried about the reports of mercury in high-fructose corn syrup, which seems to be in many processed foods? First, cut down on your consumption of processed foods. If there is an ingredient listed that you can't pronounce or your grandmother didn't use in her baking, skip it. If you are still craving a sweet, carbonated drink, look for CocaCola made in Mexico (some Mexican groceries carry it), or if you like fruity flavors, try Jarritos or Hansen's brand soft drinks. Or buy seltzer water and add your own flavored sugar syrups, or Torani Italian syrups, to your taste.


  1. One point to consider is that Hansen's sodas sometimes uses high fructose corn syrup. ALWAYS check the label to make sure any product is HFCS-free.

  2. Thanks, Mark, for the excellent point. I was a little disturbed that the Orangina I bought the other day had HFCS in it; it used to be sugar-only, at least when I learned to love it in France. Sigh.

  3. Double-checked the Hansen's at the Raley's on Freeport today and guess what? No HFCS! They're using another sweetener (of course I didn't write it down)and there's another Hansen's product line that I think uses cane sugar.

    One good place to go in California for HFCS-free products (like catsup - try finding catsup without HFCS!) is Trader Joe's. Again, not a given, but much more often that not, their stuff ain't gonna kill ya.