Thursday, May 6, 2010

A roast of a French toast

I really would like to add a good comic strip to this blog now and then, but Cheap Thrills Cuisine, which sounds like a really good idea, may not be it. I mean, adding pepper, a LOT of pepper to a sweet breakfast dish? I'm not in favor of adding that much pepper to a savory dish for one or even two people.

By the way, I got some feedback on the baked French toast recipe I published in March. My friend said her slices may have been too thick because they didn't cook all the way through. To check on this, stick a toothpick in the middle of the slice like you would a cake; if it comes out shiny, cook for a few more minutes. She did say it was tasty, though!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chuck steak surprise

Next time you see bone-in chuck steak for sale, look at the cuts carefully before picking out the ones to buy. Hidden many of them is a rib-eye ready to be carved out, at about half the price of cuts packaged as rib-eyes. And you can grind up the rest for a certified E.coli-free burger or chop it up for stew or a hearty soup, stretching your dollar even further.

This illustration isn't the best, because the cut featured has too much of the 7-bone (between numbers 2 and 3) and not enough of the complexus muscle (the bottom muscle, marked with the number 7). The best chuck to get has little of the 7-bone, a small rib bone, and a clearly defined curve, containing the complexus and some Longissimus dorsi muscle as well.